Building Relationships With Peers at Other Tissue Banks

Indiana Donor NetworkExsurco Medical is proud of our hands on training labs held throughout the country during the year.  These labs provide our customers a thorough, in depth look at our products, best practices, as well as valuable collaboration within the tissue recovery community.  Furthermore, the relationships and information shared at these events helps broaden industry knowledge.  We are proud to share the response received from these events, captured below:

The entire Tissue Recovery Department at Indiana Donor Network was excited to learn a product had been developed for the specific purpose of recovering skin from a tissue donor. After years of recovering skin with other products, everyone was familiar with the limitations of operation time, blade life and body contours. Exsurco’s Amalgatome® MD lived up to our excitement, eliminating blade changes, allowing uniform recovery over changing contours and minimizing preventative maintenance. I tracked recovery outcomes over a 15-month period and the Amalgatome outperformed our other devices by 250 percent.

Needless to say, tangibly, the implementation of the Amalgatome has been a successful one. The intangible benefits have been equally as impressive though. At Exsurco, the service does not stop with the sale. When I call, I get someone with product knowledge day or night – not an automated system or an outsourced call center. Further, they facilitate the best training I have ever had. Their events foster important and beneficial relationships within the industry. I now have access to peers at other tissue banks because of the relationships I developed at Exsurco events. Working with Exsurco has been beneficial in every way possible. I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to improve skin recoveries.

Franklin J. Hawes, CTBS
Tissue Recovery Coordinator
Indiana Donor Network