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Designed for Tissue Banks
From the ground up, Exsurco Medical engineered the Amalgatome® MD* and the Amalgatome® SK* – a leap forward in tissue removal technology that allow technicians to work faster and recover higher yields. The result? Donated skin and tissue heals more wounds, restores patient confidence, and contributes to groundbreaking research

Amalgatome MD - Exsurco continues to redefine excision science with this innovative skin recovery product. Designed specifically for use in tissue banks, the unique rotary design allows technicians to maneuver over body contours and hard-to-reach areas that are challenging for standard allograft recovery techniques.

Amalgatome SK - This full thickness tissue processing product was developed to improve the process of removing adipose tissue from a full-thickness allograft donor. Its advanced and ergonomic design delivers comfort during use while providing an effective and efficient solution to the technician for producing high-quality, full-thickness skin grafts.

* For cadaveric use only.

Proven Technology Expands to Surgical Device
Exsurco Medical's innovative and proprietary excision design is a critical step in launching our new surgical device for healthcare professionals. The Amalgatome® SD skin grafting and wound debridement device is now available for patient use in the operating room for burn and trauma patients.

Amalgatome SD - This pneumatically powered, surgical skin grafting and wound debridement device is capable of producing varying thicknesses of skin grafts 0.005″ to 0.045″. The same device provides effective wound debridement, including removal of necrotic tissue and eschar.  The device is intended for wound site preparation of the surgical site in applications (acute, chronic wounds, and burns) that – in the physician’s judgement – require debridement and sharp debridement.

With varying size cutting heads (2″ and 4″), cutting depth adjustment during surgery, a continuously operating excision ring blade, and ease of use, the multi-purpose Amalgatome SD device provides potential for efficient use of both the surgeon’s time and scheduled operating room time for the patient in need of the healing power of skin.

Amalgatome SD Training And Instructional Videos

This is a surgical device indicated for skin grafting and wound excision and debridement. Within these videos, you can select and open individual training modules to review specific content about using and operating the Amalgatome SD.

Consensus White Paper Now Available on the Benefits of the Amalgatome® SD

Exsurco Medical is pleased to announce that a peer reviewed consensus paper has been published in the Eplasty Journal online titled "Consensus on the Benefits of the Exsurco Medical Amalgatome SD in the Treatment of Burns and Other Wounds."

The advisory panel found that the Amalgatome SD Skin Grafting and Wound Debridement Device provides better speed, precision, and patient safety in debridement and skin graft harvesting.  Please click on the link below to read the article and discover all the benefits of the Amalgatome SD, including:  superior results for consistency of thickness of excised tissue, maneuverability on operating surface, and ease of use.

Get the full article here or download the PDF

Consensus on the Benefits of Exsurco Medical ASD in Burns and other Wounds_eplasty

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