Amalgatome SD Excision Ring Blade 2" - X101789 (Sterile, Disposable, 5/box)

Amalgatome® SD Excision Ring Blade 2"

The Amalgatome®SD is designed from the innovation and science behind the unique 360° rotational excision ring which provides the mechanism for cutting.

The excision ring is made with surgical-grade stainless steel and the cutting edge is honed to an incredible sharpness.  This proprietary design features the cutting surface on the inner ring while the outside ring combines gear teeth and machined bearings which allow the blade to spin.  Together, the excision ring and pinion inside the handpiece power the Amalgatome allowing it to glide smoothly over the skin graft or debridement area.

The 2" circular excision ring blade produces skin grafts in a 2" width and is recommended for debridement of smaller surface areas.  The excision ring is a sterile, disposable, single-use product.  The Amalgatome SD must use the excision ring blade only; no other blades will fit into the device.

X101789 - Amalgatome®SD Excision Ring Blade 2"

  • Circular cutting edge with precision-engineered sharpness guaranteed to remain sharp throughout the entire surgical procedure
  • 360° excision surface powered by geared teeth and machined bearings allows circular blade to spin at extremely high frequency, allowing device to glide over body contours
  • The high-speed excision ring cuts through tissue quickly and efficiently compared to conventional methods

X101789 - Amalgatome®SD Excision Ring Blade 2"

  • The excision ring blade contains critical parts required to power the handpiece and the device itself
  • 360° geared excision surface with ball bearings to allow blade to spin and drive the motor
  • Excision ring is part of the calibration equation for the device
  • Allow for no back and forth cutting motion or excessive force against skin.
  • Allows user to move over contoured areas of the body to produce precise, uniform skin grafts
  • Design allows for continuously running device

X101789 - Amalgatome®SD Excision Ring Blade 2"

  • Manufactured with surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Sterile, disposable, single-use product

Not made with natural rubber latex

X101789 - Amalgatome®SD Excision Ring Blade 2"

  • Biocompatibility testing on file with Exsurco Medical
  • Packaged within inner excision ring blade tray for ease of handling
  • Sharpness testing on file with Exsurco Medical