Amalgatome SD Training And Instructional Videos

Resources and Training

These resources will provide you with all the information you need for the Amalgatome SD, a surgical device indicated for skin grafting and wound excision and debridement. With these quick tips and instructional videos, you’ll be ready to operate the device in no time.

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Mobile Training App for Amalgatome SD®: Educate Clinical Staff in a Virtual World

The free training app and Leaning Management System (LMS) expands upon traditional learning; increases knowledge retention; facilitates the natural process of memory formation; and provides critical information at the point of need.

The mobile app content includes the user guide; how-to-videos; troubleshooting; and frequently asked questions training for the perioperative team conducting wound debridement and skin grafting with the Amalgatome SD device.

Free download at IOS and Android App stores.  For enhanced LMS features, ask your Exsurco Surgical Applications Team Member or [email protected] for your facility’s access link.

Clinical References

Gain insights from Key Opinion Leaders sharing their experiences in using the Amalgatome® SD with their burn patients. Within each section, you can select and watch quick clips on specific topics about using the device.

Key Opinion Leaders Discuss the Exsurco Amalgatome® SD

  1. John Griswold, MD
    2m 2sec
  2. Kurt Richards, PA
    1m 13sec
  3. Alisa Savetamal, MD, FACS
    1m 43sec
  1. Peter H. Grossman, MD, FACS
    2m 44sec
  2. Kurt Richards, PA
    2m 11sec
  1. Dr. Alan Pang
    1m 07sec
  2. Peter H. Grossman, MD, FACS
    2m 09sec
  3. John Griswold, MD
    2m 20sec
  4. Kurt Richards, PA
    1m 13sec
  5. Alisa Savetamal, MD, FACS
    2m 10sec
  1. Peter H. Grossman, MD, FACS
    2m 01sec
  2. Kurt Richards, PA
    2m 18sec
  3. Alisa Savetamal, MD, FACS
    1m 48sec
  1. Peter H. Grossman, MD, FACS
    3m 12sec
  2. Kurt Richards, PA
    1m 34sec
  3. Samantha Wenta, PA
    2m 07sec
  1. Peter H. Grossman, MD, FACS
    3m 06sec
  2. John Griswold, MD
    1m 48sec
  3. Alisa Savetamal, MD, FACS
    1m 18sec

This short video on Surgical Highlights of Using the Amalgatome SD

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Amalgatome SD Training Videos

Welcome to the training video series for the Amalgatome SD. We’ve curated a list of our most popular videos to get you started. Within each section, you can select and watch quick, individual training clips on specific topics about using and maintaining the device.

SD Training Table of Contents

  1. Quick Reference Guide
    1m 34sec
  1. Connecting the Air Hose
    0m 53sec
  2. Assembly of Cutting Head to Handpiece
    0m 54sec
  3. Opening the Excision Ring Blade
    1m 04sec
  4. Handling the Excision Ring
    0m 24sec
  5. Installing the Excision Ring
    0m 50sec
  6. Powering on the Device
    0m 34sec
  1. Using the Depth Gauge
    0m 54sec
  2. Using the Amalgatome SD
    0m 47sec
  3. Activating the Device and Safety Switch
    0m 36sec
  4. Device Features and Proper Placement
    0m 34sec
  5. Skin Graft Recovery
    0m 55sec
  6. Collecting Skin Graft
    0m 50sec
  7. Ending the Skin Graft
    0m 58sec
  8. Skin Graft Recovery Tips
    1m 15sec
  9. Cleaning Device During Use
    0m 23sec
  1. Disconnecting the Air Hose
    0m 40sec
  2. Excision Ring Removal
    1m 12sec
  3. Disassembly of Cutting Head from Handpiece
    1m 13sec
  1. Uneven or Chattered Edges
    0m 31sec
  2. Crescent-Shaped Skin Grafts
    0m 32sec
  3. Dissected Skin or Holes
    0m 33sec
  4. Lubricating the Device
    1m 12sec
  1. Complete System
    0m 50sec
  2. Air Supply
    0m 41sec
  3. Sterilization Tray
    1m 01sec
  4. Cutting Head
    1m 03sec
  5. Handpiece
    0m 44sec
  6. Excision Ring
    0m 47sec
  7. Lock Ring
    0m 22sec
  8. Lock Wrench Removal Tool
    0m 34sec
  1. General Cleaning Instructions
    0m 21sec
  2. Manual Cleaning
    2m 13sec
  3. Automated Cleaning
    1m 41sec
  1. Placing Amalgatome SD into Sterilization Tray
    0m 48sec

This short video is a reference guide covering the topics in this video training series.

See the quick reference video guide for assembly and disassembly of the Amalgatome SD.