Mesh|EX® a Skin Graft Meshing Device

a Skin Graft Meshing Device

The Perfect Graft Deserves the Perfect Mesh.

The Exsurco Mesh|EX is a mechanically powered skin graft meshing device. Mesh|EX is capable of creating three unique mesh ratios on varying thickness of skin grafts. A separate cutting roller for each mesh ratio is included for use depending on tissue graft size needs.

Mesh|EX was designed to deliver consistent and precisely meshed skin grafts.

Usability is designed into the Mesh|EX to help drive clinical outcomes, including:

  • Wide graft meshing capabilities (up to 4.25")
  • Three easily exchangeable cut ratio rollers
  • Continuous crank handle for smooth and fast operation

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  Mesh|EX Specifications:
Specification Information
Maximum Graft Width 2-inch Cutting Head: 2 in. (5.08 cm) 4-inch Cutting Head: 4 in. (10.16 cm)
Device Air Consumption 11 cfm
Input Air Pressure and Pneumatic Hose Information 100 psi, with system running (6.2 bar) Hospital Grade Air (compressed air, nitrogen) Pneumatic Air Hose provided with Schrader-style quick connect female connector and indexed for air Pneumatic Air Hose coated with an antimicrobial material Hose Lenth: 15ft
Storage and Transport (Amalgatome SD System)  As per internal hospital procedure.
Weight and Measurement Assembled 2-inch handpiece: 3.1 lbs Assembled 4-inch Unit: 3.7 lbs Hand Piece and Pneumatic Hose attached  weight: 4.4 lbs Complete SDSYSTEM024 in sterilization tray: 17.8 lbs Weight of Empty Sterilization Tray: 9.7 lbs Dimensions of the Sterilization Tray: 21 x 10.25 x 4 in.
Sterile, Single-Use Blades Environmental Conditions It is recommended these materials be stored in the provided packaging in a cool (under 32°C [90°F]), clean and dry area. Product sterilized by gamma irradiation Biocompatibility results for product on file with Exsurco Medical


The Mesh|EX system has only been validated for steam sterilization using the casket sterilization tray. Should any other method or sterilization tray be used, it is the sole responsibility of the facility to validate any sterilization parameters that are not provided directly by the manufacturer. The Mesh|EX system is provided non-sterile and must be sterilized prior to use. The sterilization tray shall be placed inside an autoclave validated in compliance with AAMI ST8:2013, Hospital Steam Sterilizers. Utilize the validated steam sterilization method listed below to provide a sterility assurance level at a minimum of 12 logarithm population reduction of a microorganism.
Cycle Type Pre-vacuum
Pulses 4
Set-Point Temperature 135°C/275°F
Full Cycle Dwell Time 3 minutes
Dry Time 16 minutes