Amalgatome MD Blades X100457 - Sterile, Disposable (Box of 5) - For use only with the Amalgatome MD *For Cadaveric Use Only*

Sterile, Disposable Amalgatome® MD Blades (Box of 5) for Skin Recovery

The single use Amalgatome MD® Blades are to be used exclusively with the Amalgatome MD kit and approved for use in allograft tissue recovery procedures.  The superior performance, innovation and design of the blades comes from the edge retention technology, proprietary sharpening and coating process that preserves the edge throughout an entire tissue recovery procedure.  This helps reduce the need for a blade change during recovery and helps reduce the cost of using additional blades.

ONE BLADE PER RECOVERY means reduced procedure cost, less blade handling to help improve overall safety, and time saving benefits.