Amalgatome SD Consensus White Paper Published

Amalgatome SD in use - Exsurco Medical

Exsurco Medical is pleased to announce that a peer-reviewed consensus white paper has been published in the ePlasty Journal on:  "Consensus on the Benefits of the Exsurco Medical Amalgatome SD in the Treatment of Burns and Other Wounds."  The advisory panel found that the Amalgatome ®SD Skin Grafting and Wound Debridement Device provides better speed, precision, and patient safety in debridement and skin graft harvesting.  Please click on the link below to read the article and discover all the benefits of the Amalgatome SD and superior results for consistency of thickness of excised tissue, maneuverability on operating surface and ease of use.

Consensus on the Benefits of Exsurco Medical ASD in Burns and other Wounds_eplasty