Story About Indiana Man Encourages Tissue and Organ Donation

Exsurco Medical Supports Donate Life America Through Video Campaign:

Birmingham, OH, June 1, 2016 – Ten years ago, Jeremy Warriner, of Indianapolis, was driving home from work when a teenage driver made a mistake, forcing Warriner’s car off the road. His vehicle hit a utility pole, leaving him trapped. After the impact the vehicle caught fire. Warriner was pulled from the wreckage, but not before suffering fourth degree burns to the majority of both legs.

“To save my life, doctors had to amputate both of my legs and required skin grafts from tissue donors to control and prevent serious infections,” said Warriner. “I received a total of 6 skin grafts from 3 different donors. Their tissue donation saved my life.”

Warriner’s story is the focus of a new video in Donate Life America’s campaign to increase awareness of tissue and organ donation. The video, sponsored by Exsurco Medical, shines a light on the forever impact tissue donation can have on the recipients.

The tissue I received gave me a second chance at life,” said Warriner, who got married recently in May, and lives an active and purposeful lifestyle today.

Donate life with Exsurco Medical from Exsurco Medical on Vimeo.

According to 2015 statistics from Donate Life America, more than 1 million tissue transplants are done each year and the surgical need for tissue continues to steadily rise. Currently, more than 130,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States.

“High quality, transplantable skin is a valuable resource, critical to the recovery of burn and trauma patients, and utilized in reconstructive surgery,” said Sara Ann MacKinlay, Exsurco General Manager. “Stories such as Jeremy’s unfortunately are not uncommon. Exsurco is proud to be a Donate Life sponsor for more than two years and to contribute to this important public service campaign and play a role in improving the outcome of patients.”

As the need for tissue donation continues to rise, Exsurco Medical works to develop cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for the tissue bank community and medical field.

“While we have focused on developing skin recovery products for the tissue bank industry, we continue to recognize the need for products that will take us into the medical device arena in the future,” said MacKinlay. “These products will focus on control, accuracy, efficacy and safety, and thus provide the best possible outcomes for wound and burn patients.”

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