Exsurco Announces New Mobile Training App & Learning Management System

Wakeman, Ohio, May 6, 2021 – Exsurco Medical, Inc. announces the launch of a mobile training app for clinical professionals focused on support for its Amalgatome® SD device used by surgeons for treating burn and trauma patients.

“The Amalgatome® SD is a break-through in skin grafting and wound debridement technology, so we sought to apply the same revolutionary breakthrough with our training app to support our surgical users in education, clinical studies, and product information” said Amber McAfee, Exsurco Medical’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The mobile app content includes the user guide; how-to-videos; troubleshooting; and frequently asked questions which will improve the quality and value of training for the perioperative team conducting wound debridement and skin grafting with the Amalgatome SD device.

Studies demonstrate the Amalgatome SD provides superior graft quality, more consistent thickness for excised necrosis tissue and skin grafts, great consistency between the set depth of excision and actual depth, and overall ease of use compared to standard technology*.

The Exsurco Training App is available on IOS & Android App Stores

“We define Courage, one of our core values – to seek ownership, think big, embrace change and make bold decisions.  In that light, implementing the training app and Learning Management System (LMS) was a clear choice to provide quality and valuable training and support to our healthcare customers,” said McAfee.  She added, “this innovative training app is the result of partnership with app developer, Allogy, and Avery Media and Promotions, with whom we share the same vision to elevate our customers through superior learning development.”

About Exsurco Medical, Inc.

Exsurco Medical, Inc. is a leading-edge device manufacturer for products for both tissue bank and healthcare professionals.  Committed to advancing excision science, Exsurco Medical, Inc. manufactures devices to help professionals improve the lives of patients whose lives count on the healing power of skin. Corporate offices, production, and a Class 7 cleanroom are located near Cleveland in Wakeman, Ohio.  Exsurco Medical, Inc. is an ISO 13485:2016 certified and FDA registered medical device company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bettcher Industries, Inc with global reach in over 70 countries.  For more information, visit www.exsurco.com

* Data on file at Exsurco Medical, Inc.

About Allogy

Allogy was founded in 2009 to bring to market the results of research conducted at the Institute of Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida. Founded by members of the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab (METIL), Allogy provides custom mobile development projects for government, retail, automotive, and higher education. Allogy is the team behind Capillary – a training app platform that lets subject matter experts equip distributed teams with standards-based training. For more information, visit www.allogy.com

About Avery Media and Promotions

Avery Media and Promotions (AMP) is a Minnesota-based LLC that provides filming, voiceover, and other content development for mobile/web-based learning management systems. Each video gives the viewer “straight-to-the-point” information resulting in time-efficient  learning and promotes a faster/easier knowledge retention rate.

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