Amalgatome MD - X100556 - Skin Recovery Device *For Cadaveric Use Only*

The Amalgatome® MD is a Skin Recovery Device

Designed with tissue banks in mind, the unique rotary design with edge retention technology allows you to maneuver over body contours and hard-to-reach areas that are challenging for standard methods.

Easy to use, it provides uniform, consistent allograft skin grafts resulting in higher yields,* increased productivity, and improved efficiencies

Amalgatome MD

Innovative Rotary Design

  • Glides over the donor epidermis and dermis with 180° of dissection range
  • Greater maneuverability means you can:
    • Easily handle challenging body contours and boney prominences
    • Recover additional tissue beyond common sites
  • Provides visibility to allograft skin graft procurement for instant excision depth adjustment

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive operation for new and seasoned technicians
  • Provides dependable allograft skin graft recoveries
  • Eliminates pushing awkwardly against the skin
  • Contoured design provides greater maneuverability through difficult-to-reach angles

Advanced Ergonomics

  • Rotary blade design means comfort with minimal fatigue
  • Requires less force than standard dermatomes

Depth Control

The Amalgatome MD adjusts easily in increments of .001" and finer to produce skin grafts up to .040". This makes it ideal for allograft skin recoveries in tissue banks.

Depth Plate:

  • Maintains excision depth
  • Minimizes gouging

Depth Gauge:

  • Smooth operation for easy adjustments
  • English and metric settings
  • Etched for easy measurement view

Proven Results

By the Numbers for Tissue Donors:

  • Over 130 in use on 7,800+ skin donors, producing an average skin recovery yield measurement of 3.35 sq. ft.
  • $5.9 Million YTD reimbursement from higher skin yields
  • Average return on investment: 3.5 months
  • 48% increase in transplantable skin yield for tissue banks using the device as a trial evaluation*
  • Tissue banks that used the device as a trial evaluation went on to purchase it at a rate of 90%
  • 33 tissue banks across 21 states are currently using the Amalgatome MD
Response of Surveyed Technicians
  • 93% said it’s easy to assemble
  • 92% rate its skin graft quality as satisfactory
  • 83% would recommend it to a colleague
  • 78% said it’s easy to operate
*Trial evaluation and survey results documentation on file.

Proprietary Edge-Retention Technology®

  • Unique materials and processing that preserves the edge during an entire recovery
  • Reduces need for blade changes during allograft skin recovery procedure

Minimal Preventative Maintenance

  • No calibration needed between each donor recovery
  • Medical-grade construction stands up to autoclave
  • Single-use disposable blades:
    • Help prevent risk of cross-contamination
    • Sterile-packed for tissue recovery settings
    • Securely packaged for operator handling
  • Automatically shuts off when not in use

Aluminum anodized sterilization tray:*

  • Lightweight for easy, safe transportation
  • Fits into tissue bank autoclave systems and sterile wrapping
  • Ergonomic case handles are easy to grip
  • Easy to load and organize instruments for sterile processing
  • Includes instructions and support material
*Sold separately, not included with the Amalgatome MD System
The complete Amalgatome MD system consists of the following items: Amalgatome Kit #: X100556 AMD-kit-X100556  
  • Must be used with sterile, disposable blades, Part #: X100457 sold separately, box of 5
  • Note: only screwdriver, pin driver, transportation case, sterilization tray and blades can be purchased individually online