An Easy-to-use Product that Increases Production

CellRight TechnologiesAfter viewing a demonstration and further evaluating the Amalgatome® from Exsurco, we realized it was an excellent solution for maximizing transplant grafts. It offered ease of use and rapid removal of adipose tissue without damaging the dermis.

Using the Amalgatome system at the time of recovery rather than at manufacturing helped us streamline our processing steps, and enabled us to begin the processing at a higher progressive time point.

Previously, there wasn’t a viable product to remove the adipose tissue in an expeditious manner while preventing dissection errors. The device maximized our throughput process and effectively diverted precious human resources into other processing needs.

Adding to our satisfaction was Exsurco’s commitment to customer service. They were easy to work with, listened to our input and were receptive to our needs, making the appropriate recommendation/modifications to the equipment to meet our clean room requirements.

Exsurco – and the Amalgatome – exceeded our expectations.

Jesus Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer
CellRight Technologies