Exsurco is a Partner-Driven Business

"We began working with Exsurco on a pilot project with one of our processing partners. It was our hope that by completing one additional step in the field, we could shorten the processing time frame. To do so, we needed equipment that was portable, easy and safe to use.

The result: with Exsurco’s assistance, we helped our partner take three days off their end of the process, allowing grafts to be provided to recipients sooner. And providing a faster turnaround from donation to recipient benefits everyone.

Our company benefits in many ways with Exsurco. They’re a tissue recovery equipment manufacturer and a partner-driven business, that provides detailed, in-house training with constant follow-up. Exsurco treats you like you’re the expert – even though they are – and like you’re their only client.

We would encourage any company looking to be successful to partner with Exsurco."


Kevin Lucien Noyes, CTBS
Quality Assurance Officer
American Donor Services