Exsurco Medical Exclusive Distributor of 4Med Rosenberg Mesher

May 2018


One Mesher. Multiple Ratios. Adjustable Convenience.

Solve all of your inventory, repair, and down time with a conversion to the 4Med Rosenberg Mesher.

• All of your meshing needs provided in ONE product
• One Rosenberg Mesher delivers all the required ratios for surgical skin grafting needs
• Eliminate the need to stock multiple quantities of fixed ratio meshers

Now offered in the United States exclusively by Exsurco Medical, let us help your facility convert to the Rosenberg Mesher.

Contact your local Exsurco Burn Account Manager, or inquire at [email protected] about our special Mesher Trade In Program and convert to the Rosenberg Mesher NOW.

4Med Mesher Brochure