Exsurco Introduces New Medical Device: The Amalgatome SD Wound Debridement and Skin Grafting Device

Wakeman, Ohio – Exsurco® Medical, Inc. announces the launch of a new wound debridement and skin grafting medical device designed for use in burn and trauma centers. Backed by Exsurco’s knowledge and ground breaking design and innovation, the new Amalgatome® SD is a revolutionary break-through in combining skin grafting and wound debridement technology in an industry that hasn’t seen this kind of innovation for a multiple use device. By using one device for multiple procedures (excision and/or auto grafting), the Amalgatome SD helps those who are in critical need of the healing power of skin.

“Exsurco has previously delivered products for tissue bank and processing companies that have helped to improve and simplify the procedures for donor allograft tissue recovery that increases yield, safety and comfort, while minimizing technician fatigue. These products ultimately help increase the gift of tissue donation to touch more patients,” said Sara Ann MacKinlay, Exsurco Medical’s General Manager. “Therefore, we are proud to introduce our new Amalgatome SD medical device for skin grafting and wound debridement to burn and trauma centers across the country for use on patients requiring these critical, lifesaving procedures.” The product was recently introduced at the American Burn Association’s 49th Annual Conference in Boston on March 21-24th.

The Amalgatome SD features a unique and proprietary excision ring design integrated with finely machined bearings and gear teeth to power the 360° cutting surface of the pneumatic surgical device. The circular design allows the precision-engineered surgical steel edge to perform with incredible sharpness during skin grafting and wound debridement procedures. The device is provided with two sizes of attachments; a two-inch and four-inch, that can be used interchangeably throughout the procedure, depending on the size of the graft or wound debridement area. Exsurco provides the sterile, disposable excision rings for use with the attachments.

Rather than using an oscillating cutting motion or a forceful pushing motion against the skin, as used in traditional devices, the Amalgatome SD glides smoothly over the patient’s skin or debridement area as the device is pulled by user over the skin surface during the procedure. Made with minimal parts and durable components, the device provides effective * wound debridement, including removal of necrotic tissue and eschar, as well as capable of producing uniform, consistent skin grafts in thicknesses ranging from 0.005” to 0.045” in increments of 0.001 inches.

Key facts about the Amalgatome® SD include:

  • Easy operation minimizes repetitive movements potentially reducing hand fatigue for surgical teams
  • Comfortable slide-lever handle is ideal for body contours
  • High-speed rotating excision ring blade cuts through tissue quickly and efficiently*
  • Circular design allows easy movement over contoured areas of the body
  • Continuous operation for multiple uses through the procedure

“We are pleased with the initial reaction to the Amalgatome SD. The thinking and design behind this device represents Exsurco Medical’s commitment to improving excision science and improving patient lives,” said Don Esch President and CEO of Bettcher Industries, Inc., Exsurco Medical’s parent company. “We believe our mission to contribute to surgical advancements and efficiencies will be achieved through the launch of the Amalgatome SD and future technologies that we bring to the market.”

About Exsurco Medical, Inc.
Exsurco Medical, Inc. is a leading-edge device manufacturer of products for tissue bank and healthcare professionals. Committed to advancing excision science, Exsurco Medical, Inc. manufactures devices to help professionals improve the lives of patients in need of the healing power of skin. Based in Wakeman, Ohio, (about 40 miles west of Cleveland) Exsurco Medical, Inc. houses all production and operations at this location.  Vertically integrated and equipped with a Class 7 cleanroom for assembly and packaging, the facility allows for all warehousing of finished goods and corporate offices to service all customers at one site. The company is a 100% ESOP (Employee Owned Company) and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bettcher Industries, Inc with global reach in over 70 countries.

Exsurco Medical, Inc. is an ISO 13485 certified company and a FDA registered medical device company.

*Good Laboratory Practice Animal Studies on file

For more information about Exsurco Medical, Inc., the Amalgatome SD or other Exsurco Medical products, visit exsurco.com or call Sara Ann MacKinlay, General Manager at 440-204-3302.

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