Amalgatome SD Clinical Evaluation

The Amalgatome SD:
NEW Standard of Care for skin grafting and excision

In the fast-paced and demanding surgical environment, the drive for excellence requires reliable products that provide the best expected results, EVERY TIME.


Exsurco’ s ongoing commitment to deliver superior products that change the game in skin grafting and excision begins with insights from key opinion leaders and university researchers to reimagine excision science.


The Amalgatome is answering that call for a technology that raises the bar for standard of care.  Our goal is to be a your partner in improved patient safety, ease of use for surgical team (including residents, fellows, and trainees), and improved graft take with less OR time.

Our clinical evidence and surgeons report:

Superior graft quality and consistency in thickness

Reduced risk of skin gouging

Less OR time with more excision and grafting performed in one procedure

Publications on the Amalgatome SD

  • Shorter LOS Case Series

    Synergistic Use of Novel Technological Advances in Burn Care Significantly Reduces Hospital Length of Stay Below Predicted: A Case Series

Surgeon Insights

Surgeon Videos

Dr. Steven Khan

Dr. Khan discusses how the ASD decreases time, increases control and safety in excision over Watson.

Dr. Peter Grossman

Dr. Grossman discusses the power of excision with the Amalgatome SD as the new standard of care.

Dr. Alisa Savetamal

Dr. Savetamal discusses the on ease of training staff on the Amalgatome SD.

Dr. Amy Spencer

Dr. Spencer discusses how the Amalgatome SD has changed her practice.